Collections: Rasputina

I swear, I'll get pictures someday.


Transylvanian Regurgitations 12" EP (1997)

Promotional Videos

A Ladies' Cello Society (Ether EPK)


Horse/Lady white shirt
Rasp Rocks me! 1902 black babydoll tour shirt
Field Hand pink babydoll tour shirt
People shirt (sold at Hot Topic)


Thanks For The Ether promo double-sided promo (signed by Melora)
Cabin Fever! promotional poster
12-2003 NYC Knitting Factory promotional concert poster
Frustration Plantaion promotional poster
Frustration Plantation group picture


Ladies' Cello Society Member sticker/postcard
How We Quit the Forest group picture postcard
Cabin Fever! promotional postcard
My Fever Broke promotional postcard
The Lost and Found promotional postcard
12/03 Knitting Factory show promotional postcard
Frustration Plantation advance promotional postcard


Rasp Rocks! deer
Melora For Queen
Blue Eye sticker
Eye glow-in-the-dark sticker


Cello Magick square metal pin
Melora Bobble-Head figurine
The Overdue Library Book
Scrapbook of clippings I've been saving since 1997

If you're wondering about audio/video, contact me and ask. I love to trade! :)