Jan. 2003 - current

A Rasputina clique, which is always looking for new members! This is now a small part of the newly-created Rasputina Archives website, which is currently under major construction.

Dec. 2000 - current

My journal is friends-only, and if you're not familiar with LiveJournal, that just means that you need to: #1 - have a LJ of your own, and #2 - be on my friends list in order to read the entries. It's the best way to keep up with what's going on in my life.

Gone (but not forgotten)

Feb. 2000 - July 2004

For the duration of its existence, this was the largest and most complete unofficial website for the multi-talented guitarist John Lowery (aka John 5). This was the first website I ever created, and in a way, I do miss running it, but I just don't have the interest anymore. That's the short version, anyways...

Jan. 2004 - current

My icon journal on LJ. Members Only.