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This website began in late 2002 under the name "The Starlet," which has been my SN for some time now. The Starlet went through four different layouts and 3 different locations, all on Geocities because I was a novice at HTML and became dependent on their pagebuilder. Horrible, I know. But everyone has to start somewhere.

In 2004, I stopped beng lazy, learned some HTML and then I made my first "real" layout, with no pagebuilder and no templates. It wasn't mindblowing or superfancy, but I liked it, I did it myself and I was proud of it. I also felt it was time for a name change, so I chose Fragile Star because I feel it suits me. In November of '04, I moved from Geocities to to escape being murdered by evil advertisments. That didn't last very long, as 000k2 decided to discontinue their webhosting in March of 2005 with zero warning. Thanks, assholes! :)

I gave up for a little while, taking a break from websites in general. I had a lot going on in my life at the time, and I didn't want any HTML-induced headaches on top of that. I soon started missing my website though, and after a lot of research and recommendations, I found a paid host, and in late May of 2005, I bought the domain On June 17th, I re-launched the website and have been fairly problem-free since. (*knocks on wood*)


Hosting at Fragile-Star is by invite only. If and when I have hostees, they will be listed here. :)



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